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Shall We Dance?

I dreamt last night of waltzing

As a civil disobedience.

Hundreds of us moving 

‘til our skins bumped into sweat.

And still we swung together

Bodies joyful, bodies wondrous

As we danced our friends

Away from the police.

I awoke in pre-dawn quiet

Of a city after rain.

And I felt dawn shifting – possible-

Within my whispering chest.

As the neighbor rolled his trashcans 

To the sidewalk in the blackness

And the cat decided

Long enough in bed.

In such a time as this one

We can take a chance to open

As a wind moves heavy clouds

– Exiting night.

Soft wistfulness of longing

Streaming outward on a breath.

Shifting in indigo –

Begin to dream of light.

A still, pre-dawn is falsehood

Salmon yet will ribbon sky.

It is cold enough outside now,

Will you waken?

Or will we in our shivering,

Lips close and warm, yet cracking,

Like a cluster bomb hits earth

Be split apart?

We can waken into dancing

And extraordinary sameness.

With a softness in our gaze

The world will melt.

With a need to move together,

Let us waken, windy morning.

Let us listen now,

And learn new ways to love.

(I wrote this poem as part of my Solstice series – for Winter Solstice, 2001 – and was awakened by its opening words early this morning)

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