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A Prayer for Troubling Times

Holy Brigid: In these times of burning churches That engulf the skies at night… Light the fire that guides our way. Kindle within us the flame of inspiration.

We speak your name.

Holy Brigid: In these times of grief and anger And these days of stolen lives… Pour out the quenching waters from your well. Come, bathe our tear stained faces.

We call to you with voices raised.

Holy Brigid: In these times of love and rage

And these days when hatred stalks our streets… Strike bright metal on your anvil. Forge us tools that we can use to fight for justice.

With all our might and breath.

Holy Brigid: In these times of fear and division And these days that tear our hearts and souls apart… Wrap your mantle around our shoulders. Remind us we are loved, and we can love.

We ask for your assistance.

Holy Brigid: Forge us. Shape us. Kindle us. Comfort us. So we rise up, all together, firm and strong.

Holy Brigid: Be here now.

T. Thorn Coyle

July, 2015

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