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Resources for Writers

On Craft & Creative Process

Writing the Other Workshops and Books with Nisi Shawl, K. Tempest Bradford and others.

The Fundamentals of Writing the Other by Daniel José Older

There is No Secret to Writing About People Who Do Not Look Like You by Brandon Taylor

Who Gets To Write What? by Kaitlin Greenidge

Finding Myself on the Page by Ona Gritz

Common and Uncommon Questions About Blindness by Varina Martindale

40 Alternatives to These Ableist and Oppressive Words by s.e. smith

Ways to Introduce that a Character is Trans: Avoiding Pitfalls by Xan West

How to Tell if Your Story is Gay Enough by Theresa Tyree

My Futures Include Disability by Kelly Robson

Evil Albino Trope is Evil by Nalini Haynes

Interview with Nalini Haynes for Geek Girl in Love containing more info on albinism.

In History and Fantasy, Diversity is the Tradition by Myke Cole

Conquering Six Enemies of Deep Point of View by Zoey

What Will You Serve? by Theodora Goss

Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland

On Writing by Stephen King

I recommend Dean Wesley Smith’s Depth in Writing and Advanced Depth online workshops. They shaved years from my learning curve.

Stephen Barnes and Tananarive Due’s Afrofuturism class is mind expanding. They should be running it regularly.

Craft & Creative Process
Great Sites to Visit
Tech and Business Tools and Resources

The Creative Penn

Self Publishing Formula

SFF Marketing Podcast


45 Marketing Tips


Make Your Own Book Covers


Other Good Articles on Book Covers

Scrivener: The writing program I use.

Vellum: Amazing e-book formatter for Macs.

PicMonkey: When I don’t hire a professional, this is what I use for e-book covers.

Tools & Resources
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