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Rubaiyat for Winter

Light the sky, oh heart, with such bold ray, That the dark will lose its longing for the day. Gaze too, upon full moon in earth’s eclipse And see where self’s long shadow guards the way.

“Everything has luminosity,” he said, From the furthest reach of space, to ocean’s bed. Simple heartbreak, war ravaged land, or poisoned sky, Can never long erase light’s outward spread.

Will yoked with love can lead us from night’s spire. Generosity will seed the cold with fire. And sing a joyous song to those despairing As stones and shadows form in ancient choir.

“Lux gaudete! Nox rota!” Planets fly. The wheel of night gives birth to wish and why. Within each cell, each star, some spark awakes, Beauty obviates despair. We turn and sigh.

Feel the warmth creep ever out in radiance? Notice your place in this galaxial dance. There is naught here untouched by this long Now. Or deaf to the excited sibilance:

“Draw down the incandescence, Raise the night!”

Solstice Eve, December 2010

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