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Invoking Magic

Welcome to my new website.

As I transition from a person who teaches and writes about magical and spiritual practice into a person who writes magic infused fiction, I’ve thought a lot about the fact that my work hasn’t really changed.

I still seek wonder.

I still seek justice.

I still want to invoke a sense of magic in this world.

Because magic is everywhere, if we pay attention. Every bud in spring is magical. Every realization we have, each bit of dawning knowledge, is magical. The fact that we can relate to one another, and that we try hard to do this better is an act of magic.

Every word written. Every note played. Every garden planted. Every child raised.

All of these are filled with magic.

And that’s the life I want to lead: a life that experiences magic in the world. Because to do otherwise would be to fall into apathy, or cynicism, or hatred, or despair.

So my fiction is filled with magic. Is it real?

You tell me.

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