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The Corgis Have Landed!

Welcome to Pride Street. Where corgis run, men are in love...
and murder is just around the corner!

Exciting news! I'm launching a brand new cozy paranormal series on Kickstarter! We've already jumped past three stretch goals and the corgis are off and running!

The books feature two cute corgis—Klaus and Marsha—two men in love, and a ghost from the 1980s. If you like a little mayhem in your cuteness, this series is for you!

Three books: Sushi Scandal. Flower Frenzy. Muffin Murder. All have bright covers, two corgi silhouettes, and ghostly swirls.

A big thank you to everyone who has already backed and spread the word!

The rest of you can check it out here: Pride Street Paranormal Cozy Mysteries.

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