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From Safer Shores…

From safer shores we watch the torch’s flame

And know my friends aren’t safe today, again. We see the demagogues, small mouthed and shrill Who grin and gloat, enacting Moloch’s will.

America, your grace was ever fraught. Founded on blood and genocide and greed. America, we’ve tried to shape this plot Toward equity, and love’s fulfilling need.

From shores of ice and fire we gaze dismayed As justice once again marches away. Chased down by jackboot men, so pale of face Believing they’re a hunted, master race.

America, the clock is ticking down. The cracks in the foundation can’t be shored. America, the God you love to see Is not the one you claim their face to be.

Where shall we safety find, this summer’s day? In anniversary month of shadow’s fall. The bombs and bullets that have long held sway Are being prepped once more to rule us all.

America, you crowned yourself again, As despot, oligarch, with white toothed smile. America, we’ve pulled the curtain back To gaze upon reality’s cursed mile…

And seen the furnace, stoked and at full glow. We’ll grasp the arms of friends and strike a blow Together, we will not to furnace go. We shall return, and help to take you down. We shall knock loose your scabrous, filthy crown.

America, America…your worship has forgot Moloch always –ever– eats his own.

T. Thorn Coyle

Writing from Iceland

August 16, 2017


I thank my beloved Patreon supporters for making this work possible.

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