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A Spell for the Turning Year

Invoking Good Things to Come

a spell for the turning year. five fir cones arranged in a star

Wash your face and hands. Imagine cleansing away layers of struggle, disappointment, or grief. Know that this is not a total healing, for that takes time. Let this cleansing process be enough to create some space for what is to come.




Gather as many leaves or seed cones as your hands can hold.

Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Pause.

Imagine what you wish to call in to your life, your communities, this world.

“Creativity. Freedom. Prosperity. Vitality. Clarity. Love…”

Feel all of the qualities you want to invoke swirling in your body, mixing with your breath.

Picture what these might look like in your mind.

Hold these qualities in your heart.

Now, breathe your wishes across the leaves or seed cones in your hands.

Imbue them with your wishes.

Keep inhaling life and exhaling your wishes across what you hold in your hands until you can imagine the leaves or cones shining with the light of possibility.


Then release the leaves or seed cones. Offer them back to the earth.

Say these words: “May my wishes slowly become one with my life, as these leaves or seeds become one with earth. May [creativity, freedom, prosperity, vitality, clarity, and love] imbue my life as the nutrients from these leaves or seed cones imbue the soil. May my life and the lives of my family and communities become rich with true wealth over time.”


This spell will unfold over the coming year. Blessed be.




You may substitute the qualities I list above for words and qualities of your own choosing.

If you live in an apartment or dense city, perhaps gather leaves from a local park, or a sidewalk tree. You may take them home to cast your spell if you feel uncomfortable doing this working in a public space. Then, once the leaves or seed cones are charged with your intentions, carry them back to an open space—or tuck them into a compost bin—to allow them to continue their journey.


Feel free to do this spell with family or friends!


T. Thorn Coyle, late December, 2023


The sharing of this spell was generously funded by my Patreon supporters, who got it first! They also fund short fiction, podcasts, poetry, and essays. I give them thanks.

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