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Equinox Morning: Some Thoughts After Waking


I honor the ancestors and those who are to come.

I honor this moment and the spacious reach of soul.

I am placed between the rising and the setting sun,

The warm and the cool.

I stand between the great above and this firm earth.

Here I am. Awakened to this day.

The simplest things hold the cosmic order:

Water on the boil for tea.

Cat washing in the first rays of the sun over these hills.

My breath rising in cool air, chest expanding to receive it.

The prayers I offer orient me 

To the world. 

Blessings to this time. 

Blessings to this day.

Blessings to all things: 

the mighty girth of stars, 

the delicacy of microbial lace, 

the sun beginning to bathe the trees

and all things in between. 

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