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Clearing the Old Year

I wanted to end 2020 by talking a bit about space clearing.

We’re going to start with this meditation about clearing the space closest to ourselves: Our energy fields.

My amazing Patreon supporters paid for the recording, editing, and captioning of this video: Clearing Space for Possibility.

Once you’ve done that, we can move on to cleansing our physical space.

It’s traditional in my form of the Craft to clear and cleanse spaces counterclockwise, and then call in blessings in a clockwise direction. You can do this clearing with salt water, with incense, with bells, or with laughter. Move through your home, or your bedroom, or whatever space you want to clear in a counterclockwise direction (if you are in the southern hemisphere, you may wish to reverse these instructions). If it’s too hard to move in a circular motion, place yourself as close to the center of your space and revolve around yourself.

Ring bells, scatter salt water, sweep, or burn incense with the thought that any unhealthy influences be banished from the space. I like to open windows as part of this process, too. That’s up to you.

If you used salt water for any of this, you can cast it out on a front walkway if it is concrete, brick, or stone. You can also simply pour it down a drain. If sweeping, sweep the old right out the door if you can, or shake it out a window. If you physically swept the floor, you can also empty the detritus into a garbage can. Take it to an outdoor can as soon as possible.

Then, move clockwise through your space, while saying words of blessing. Call in any influences you’d like to bless your space in the coming year. You can spritz scented water in the four compass directions, plus above, below and center. You can burn more incense, too. Or wave feathers, dried lavender, or scarves to get the air moving. Whatever feels right to bless your space is fine.

I wish you a blessed, healthy, prosperous 2021. May we continue to hold fast, and to help one another.

blessed be — Thorn

Some news:

Because so many people are having a rough time, I’ve set the ebook of Witches of Portland Book One to free, as my gift to you. Please pass this link along to other book lovers who could use a magical escape: By Earth

Also, I have a new Solstice short story collection out: A Flame for Yuletide.

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