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In a world where djinni walk and drakes fly, one knight must embrace their true power.


Tegan has a roving eye and a fierce heart and loves nothing more than to ride with per comrades, and fight the forces that seek to chain humanity once more. A Knight of the Steel Clan, Tegan is heading back from routine reconnaissance and finds a portal gate shimmering in the forest. A gate to Underhill that should not exist.


Case loves his son, his township, and has his eye on Tegan, the non-binary warrior who has been his comrade for many years. He wants nothing more than to protect what he loves, but the Elven queen has other plans for the Steel Clan, and Tegan is changing in ways that Case struggles to understand.


Battle is coming, once again. Tegan must embrace per fate. The Knights must ride. They ride for each other, and to protect the township Go No More.



The Steel Clan Saga, Book Three. The trilogy is complete!



We Bend No Knee

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