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The power of magic flows through all acts of creation. The power of magic harnesses desire... 


Sigils are symbolic signatures. 

They invoke, calling in what we desire. They evoke, calling forth that which we wish to manifest. 

Sigils represent something outside the symbol itself, and stand in as representatives for that thing. Think of a maker’s mark on the bottom of a silver dish, or clay pot. Think of a corporate logo. Think of your own signature.

Now think of using these symbols and signatures to ask for what you want, need, or desire.

Every alphabet tells a story using symbols. Letters are coded marks that form sounds, words, concepts, and ideas. Symbols communicate meaning and purpose.

Sigil magic is the art of crafting and harnessing these symbols. There are many books on the topic, but I’m most interested in using sigils to help fuel the magic of creativity.

The world itself is forever in the cycles of creation and destruction, composting, renewal, and creativity again. In times of upheaval and strife, creativity becomes even more important.

The creative impulse gives us hope, and keeps us going. Creativity connects us to each other. It provides beauty, comfort, understanding, and sometimes, escape. Creativity also shines a light on things that must be seen. It voices words that must be spoken.

But too many of us feel locked out of that flow. Sigils can help open the door. Let me show you how...

This book includes discussion on navigating the creative process, action items to help us on our way, and sigils to help with many of the steps. Most importantly: there are also instructions on designing and implementing your own sigils.



Sigil Magic for Writers, Artists, & Other Creatives

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