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A shy young witch. A sexy weaver who doesn’t believe in magic. To save the coven, Tempest must find her courage, and risk everything for what she loves.

After years of living on the edge, Tempest finally found a safe place to call home. But when the shy young witch meets bold, brash Ruby, she just wants to hide. Or does she? Turns out Tempest is being stalked by a man using twisted magic. He’s targeted Ruby, too, and Tempest needs her help. And now he’s coming for the coven…

Arrow and Crescent rally the troops, but Tempest has a decision to make. Does she run again? Or find her courage and stand her ground? The stakes are high. Evil threatens the city of Portland, poised on the brink of ushering in an age of endless winter…

By Witch’s Mark is the final spellbinding book in The Witches of Portland series of paranormal urban fantasy novels. If you like fast-paced plots, real-world issues, and a dash of romance, then you'll love this magical series.

By Witch's Mark

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