My name is Sarah Braxton, and I'm a witch.

You might think that's unusual, but trust me, I am not the strangest thing in Seashell Cove.
That name. Seashell Cove. Makes it sound like some sweet, sunny town, with white sandy beaches, and toddlers splashing and shrieking, getting their fat little toes licked by gentle waves.
That's not Seashell Cove at all.
Seashell Cove is a craggy, wind-swept stretch of ocean high up on the Oregon coast. Cliffs with sheer drops? We got ‘em. Waves that will creep up on unsuspecting tourists and drag them out to sea to their deaths? We've got those, too. Centaurs that dance around fires in the forest just outside town?
Seashell Cove is dangerous, cold, quirky, a