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What a Wonderful World

This morning, I opened curtains onto a gorgeous, sun filled day. My head filled with “What a Wonderful World” as sung by Joey Ramone. I felt filled with joy.

Then I flashed on the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, being taken from their fellowship, desperate, hungry, fighting their guards with broom handles. My heart cracked.

To the altar I went to sit with both of these. Sun streaming in behind me, I gathered as much of the world into my consciousness as possible. Breathing, I opened my heart to sit with joy and deep sorrow, with beauty and with fear, with art and injustice. With all the processes of life that my mind can barely comprehend.

We are wounded. We are healing. We are in love. We feel afraid.

I don’t know how to fix what sometimes feels badly broken. I’ll stay with it. I shall also continue to embrace the Divine Twins in every moment, at every turn. As I wrote in my article on Margaret Thatcher: We are Divine Twins, locked in struggle, seeking our way toward love’s embrace. 

I’m with you in the struggle. I’m with you, here, in love. 

How are you today?

EDIT: I wrote this on Sunday and it feels all the more relevant today, Tuesday April 16, 2013. The bombings at the Boston Marathon yesterday left three dead and close to 200 wounded, and bombings in Iraq left 50 dead and close to 300 wounded. People also rushed in to help. People offered prayers or gave blood. The Divine Twins walk among us, as we lash out in grief and anger, as we mourn, and as we seek ways to comfort one another. 

I’m off to the soup kitchen now, trying to do my small part to tip the balance toward love and justice. I’m thinking well of you, whoever you are, reading my words today.

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