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Weaving (our Place in) the World

We weave the fabric of life together in a grand process of shifting pattern, color, and design.

Included in this pattern are all the ways in which we affect one another: humans, animals, ancestors, plants, microbes, stars, Goddesses, Gods, birds, fish, germs. We affect each other whether we can be seen with eyes, measured with instruments or not seen or measured at all. Some things are only sensed by the pricking at the back of the neck, or by the space they leave between things. Some beings are measured by presence, and some by absence. All of these – large or small, measured or unmeasurable – weave with us.

Then again, some things exist only in our heads. These things affect surroundings too, as our shifting psychology and emotional content shifts our choices, our energy, and our relationship to humans, animals, plants, and even what we call linear time.

We can forget this and project out that we are all part of some huge cosmic battle, or project that the only battles are within. We can forget this and say that we are pawns of stars, or Gods, or the slow decay of matter, or we can say that we are centers of the universe and our decisions are the only things that matter.

The truth is in between. It is not psychology vs substance. It is not grandiosity vs shame. It is recognizing that we don’t know all the answers but we can do our best, each day, to weave our thread into the fabric and make space for others to weave theirs into a pattern that is as beautiful and harmonious as we can possibly make it. We can do our best, each day, to ensure that patterns of discord and snarled knots of greed do not take over the scheme of our weaving. We do our best, knowing that we cannot control the whole, knowing that the pattern is far too large and complex to be seen, knowing that the pattern creates itself as it is woven, knowing that today is just another day, and yet, today is.

Tomorrow is what we – and a billion trillion other beings – make it. Let us not get caught in grandiosity or shame. Let us also not get caught in thinking things are simply as they seem. They never are. Let’s keep our minds and fingers nimble, watching for gradations in texture and color, seeking out chance meetings of complementary weavings, even when they come at angles to our own. These nexus points of things we could not plan set our work into the larger whole. We are not just living our lives, ordinary and small, we are weaving part of a vast cloth of which we can see neither beginning nor end, nor even the glorious now. However, we can see the immediate pattern, feel the warp and weft, and help create the cosmos as we go.

Find what feels helpful, and remember: magick, life, and art are all in process, and you are not alone.

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