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Weaving Destiny

How much do we listen? How much space do we allow internally to pause, breathe, and open to what life is trying to teach us?

We can easily get caught up in our To Do list. We can easily get swept away in the rush of the morning, of a friend’s crisis, of paying the bills, or of political outrage. We can just as easily sink into the numbness that chooses to shut down feelings of overwhelm. We can easily forget that we co-create our lives with everything around us. We forget to choose to weave strands into our destinies.

Earlier this week I posted:

“We are only fated to something if we tell ourselves we are. Weave some strands into your destiny today.”

These days, I’m feeling for the strands of Wyrd around me, and the strands I generate from my own ideas, desires, energies and efforts. To aid this, I’m also listening. Listening to a body that is once again struggling with some sort of immune deficiency response – as it did fifteen years ago. I work and plan, listen to my clients and schedule new classes. Then I rest. I listen to the impulse to meditate at my working altar instead of my devotional altar. And to the impulse that leads me to pick up the wand, and balance it with the cube of Earth. I listen to the urge to attend another press conference for the family of a slain teenager. I drink tea. I read. I pray.

How do you listen? How do you weave strands into your destiny? How do you avoid this?  What are you struggling with and how do you include it? How do you show up? Let’s help each other.

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