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The World is Now

What are you waiting for?

Now is the time of presence. Now is the time of rest. Now is the time of working. Now is the time of some bright thing of your choosing. Take up the banner of your longing and march. Curl up into your weariness and slumber. There is nothing you cannot do…once you give up your wish to control the future. Be present with this moment. Drop deep into your center. Open your feet to the earth and your skin to the sky. What is next? What is now?

We can plan three steps beyond. We can dream the grand vision. We can seek the guiding star. None of this takes us away from the reality that we are drinking this glass of water, or standing next to that tree, or engaging in this conversation, or doing that piece of work. The world is alive, and every moment we can recognize this is a moment that connection opens to us once again.

The world is built by these connections. Our attempts to control outcome are a big disconnect. Wish, plan, move, act, and know that the only thing possible is relationship. Who knows exactly how this coming together will turn out? Isn’t that part of what is great about our lives?

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