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The Waters of Renewal: On the Importance of Rest

So often I write about action. Today, I write of the importance of inaction. Here is a brief meditation to help us slow down inside, and return to the breath of life:

Slow your breathing down. Tune out the distractions and dive into the still pool of your soul. Compassion fatigue? Worry? Feelings of being overwhelmed? Let them drop for now. Let yourself float in the warm waters of renewal. There is nothing happening that you can solve by pacing the floor, or lying awake, or resisting, or propping up. Float awhile. Breathe deeply, from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head. Allow life to enter your cells again, one by one. Still floating, breathe in slowly, and then hold that air inside. Allow oxygen to replace the toxins built up by stress, weariness, fear or overfunctioning. Exhale slowly, and then open up again to breath. Cycle. Circulate. Just be. Do this for as long as you need to, float in this cradling pool for as long as feels right. Drift a little. Breathe. When you feel ready, come back to ordinary space and time. Drink some water. Stretch your limbs and smile.

Then get up again, and return to those things that give you strength and meaning. Engage with the tasks at hand.

To do our best work requires renewal. Take five minutes, half an hour, half a day.

The world will still be waiting.

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