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The Teaching in Small Things

Teaching approaches from many directions, whenever we are ready for it.

The crow outside is calling to pay attention! The casually spoken words from a friend can ring true. The tension in our bodies tells us something. That thing we are avoiding waits at the edge of our consciousness. All the time. That person we blew off, wonders why. What are the lessons? Are we open to them? Can we listen to the world around us? Can we learn to face ourselves?

We can.

That thing we dropped? We can pick it up. Simple. That thing languishing in the corner? Dust it off.

 There is no reason we cannot begin from where we are. Right now.

Sometimes we feel we try and try and try. We work for years. Then one day, a subtle shift happens and the whole      thing makes sense. The muscle releases and the stretch occurs. The angle changes and we see. We know. We   ourselves are changed. Learning happens.

Today, I encourage us all to open to that which feels small. To pay attention – as best we can – to the tiniest  detail. Allow that to be an opening. Allow the teaching to enter that sliver of space, time, and attention.

Be still for a moment. Then allow yourself to move.

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