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The Strength to Fly

What do you resent? What causes anger in you?

Let us all take a breath.

What is the energy beneath these strong emotions? Is there a wish to be heard, a need to make a change, the avoidance of looking at something that frightens us? Do we feel stuck and is new energy trying to bubble up inside? Is there actual injustice that needs to be addressed, and swiftly? Have we been dragging our feet?

Strong emotions can point to something deep within. Today, let us pause to listen. Can we open up our awareness and try to sense what else is happening that is beyond the pinpoint of irritation or difficulty? Let us listen to ourselves, and then to each other.

Today, something new is trying to be born. That process is painful, difficult, and glorious.

Sometimes I think that trees covered in snow must ache when the sap first starts to rise again. Sometimes I think the shoot must feel bruised during the cracking of the shell. And then I remember: the harder a butterfly must struggle to break free from its cocoon, the stronger it becomes.

Let us take joy in that. Let us take flight.

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