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Striking Beauty’s Eye



Hail Venus! Harbinger of dawn. First-last blazing light of liberation. Hail Venus! Striking beauty’s eye. Bring here now the knowledge incandescent. Hail Venus! Dark pierced diamond of the mind. Let our hearts burn with your cardinal fire.

May we throw off chains to better grasp this freedom. May some wild truth fill our lungs. 
Let us breathe.

Today, Venus crosses the sun. Will you hold your beauty to the blazing light? Will you stretch yourself to your tallest, standing firm upon Earth, face turned toward the sun? What in you lives in shadow and what dances in the light? Celebrate that. Honor that. Kiss that. You are sacred ground and bright becoming.

You are on this planet, turning in the sky. Part of the unfolding Mystery, you too, are holy. Hail.

—- I wrote the poem above several years ago. Here is a lovely piece that a friend wrote just today.Enjoy.

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