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Sink into Silence

The well of silence welcomes you.

Allow yourself to listen. Allow yourself to sink. To float. To rest. To open.

Silence empties you of hurry. Silence fills you with a ringing presence beyond the mind. It includes everything. Silence carries you, in stillness, ever deeper.

The practice of listening, and allowing silence to grow within your field will make you stronger, more potent, and more clear. Give up your bustle and your worry for five minutes. Then ten. Then twenty… Over time, the silence will infuse even your laughter, adding a rich, bass note to your life. You will be whole, not a walking set of fragments glued together by your thoughts or your emotions. Silence, deep silence, connects us to ourselves. Palpable. Gorgeous. Open to this green earth, the coming new moon, and the mysteries of the stars.

(I point here to spiritual silence, and courting stillness within. I do not speak to the silencing of uncomfortable truths. That latter is simply oppression. The more we cultivate spiritual silence, the more clear our sense of justice, and the more powerful our actions and our words. Do not be silent for silence’s sake. Rather, let the well of silence teach you the power of all sound.)

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