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Risk. Desire. Connection.

“Talking in an unhurried way with neighbors or walking across a field with a child — we are powerfully full of information, visions, clarity, generosity and our future. We already have what the corporations want to sell us. We are born with that fire. This “whole thing” is organized for us by the god of the Earth.” – Rev. Billy Talen from his blog.

“These people are not separatists, demanding that the outside world provide them with the tools to practice their esoteric religions; they are people who will do anything, and use anything, to arrange their life in the way that they believe it should be lived. The fulfillment they find in their practice outweighs the sometimes-painful sacrifices they make to pursue it.” – Alicia Van Couvering of “Film Maker” magazine on Alex Mar’s film “American Mystic”

What do we need to dive fully into our desire? What do we need to allow ourselves the sweet release of full connection? What do we need to make this commitment to ourselves, our lives, our work… and to state clearly to ourselves first, and then the world, that this is sacred, this is important, this is an expression of the unfolding pattern of God Herself?

We are indeed what we have been seeking. No product will give it to us. No sense of outside acceptance will give it to us. No. We have to give it to ourselves, from our deepest spaces. We have to take a risk to live desire.

What in us is still afraid?

Breathe. Open. Find what is at the core of being. We have been born with a fire of connection, a fire for beauty, a fire of the wish to know, a fire of self-expression… Can you be still inside for just this moment? Breathe into center and relax the edges of what you call yourself. Feel how the fire in you – whether a tiny ember or a roaring flame – begins to spread, reaching for the warmth of light around you. You are divine. You have potential. You can make a choice, right now, to walk this earth and live your divine mandate of will, beauty, strength, justice, creativity and joy. Or you can make a choice to shrink back inside, to hide your fire, to never shine for fear of getting burnt, or from fear of outshining someone else, from fear of hurting or feeling hurt. A little pain – the discomfort of growth – is alright. The rewards are greater than our fear.

I long for us to embrace fear and tell it, “This will be OK. Life can be better than we even imagine or see from within these fences we’ve set up for ourselves.” I long for us to step toward freedom, to answer the calling of the stars as they, even in their dying, exhort us: “Shine. Shine. Shine!”

What will we allow yourself to show the world today? What risk can we commit to, in order to bring more light and fire and beauty to this world? Will we do anything? Will we do everything? The kingdom of heaven is within. Spread the word.

I’ll commit to doing my best. I look forward to being inspired by yours.

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