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ReAlignment: a Spell for Body/Soul/Earth

When we align our body, we align our soul. When we align body with soul, we can bring Self and Earth into alignment.

Tune yourself to Earth’s magnetic field. Breathe. Know that you are part of this great organism, standing on the surface of the planet’s skin. Know that this planet is part of a larger whirling dance around our sun. Know that the Sun and her planets are part of a still larger pattern we can not yet see…

Feel your feet open. Feel your crown open. Draw up energy from Earth, through your feet. Feel it fountain from your crown, cascading down, left and right, to flow back up your feet again. You are a conduit from Earth to Sky and back again. Your flow matches the flow of Earth. Bring yourself into alignment. Your alignment helps the planet re-align. Let the energy move further up and further down. Adjust your own magnetic field, increase your ability to channel the work of healing, the work of strength, the work of power.

We are all in this together. Breathe with Earth. Breathe with Sky. Feel the energy rise up, spill over, and descend. Your body is a planet in a vast sky. What is the sun you dance around? Where is your light and heat? Your body is a cell within a cell within a larger body. You are small, and you are vast. You are shaken. You rise and fall. You are still now. You are gorgeous in your change.

Earth needs us, and we need Earth. There is no difference between our bodies but perception. Breathe. Align. Flow.

(Another version of this exercise – with instructional illustration – appears in Kissing the Limitless under the heading “Cosmic Loops”)

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