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Priest/ess: Whole Body, Whole Earth

“A healthy priestess makes all things sound.” – Francesca de Grandis

We meditate the energy of all the worlds. When we live to be cohesive, not scattered or compartmentalized, we become priests of every moment. That is power.

In the picking up and the setting down. In the rush from knowledge, to willing, to daring… finally, there is the time of silence and reflection. It is in this that we begin to really notice all the facets of our lives and their importance. In paying attention – a coming to knowledge – in deepening to observance – a quality combining will and daring – we eventually rest upon the shores of our own lives and know this: All systems interlock. We are one being.

There is nothing in our lives that is outside the purview of our witnessing the sacred. There is no place we are not shaman, priestess, magick worker, seer of visions large and small. Last night, we dreamt of floods and woke to the news of tsunami. Yesterday at work, we forgot we mediated larger vision and got caught up in the details of our irritation. And yet… opportunity is always presenting itself: we hold our anger and resentment in one hand, and hold our vision for right action in the other. We become the one that rises in between them, and form the pillar of our lives around this, too. But this takes choice. What do we choose? Now. And now. And now.

You can be this pillar for yourself, and for another. When our systems interlock, we recognize our oneness with the world. Egypt is not far removed from Wisconsin. Japan and New Zealand are sisters of one ocean womb. Fathers feed their children the world over. Wives walk away, or stay. Children laugh, or cry. And the earth, in some parts poisoned, still gives birth to trees and grasses. Rocks preside, witnessing sunsets.

Gaia learns, and we are Gaia, and Gaia too, is Cosmos, reaching beyond scattered stars our eyes can never know.

When we commit ourselves to health and wholeness, we commit ourselves to this beloved earth. Everything comes at cost or gift to something else. We eat to fortify ourselves, and too, for pleasure. Then we go out to rebuild that which is broken, and to celebrate the love we find along the way.

Commit to yourself. Commit to the earth. Commit to the sky. Commit to above and to below. Commit to the ocean and the tiny fronds of ferns on distant islands. We are separate, it is true, but together we remember to be whole.

What rituals and thoughts will be our teachers? Choose these.

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