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Practicing Simplicity

Whom do you love? What do you love?

We never said it would be easy, this journey into the magick of your soul. We never promised a life of shining things, nor did we promise never ending grief. All we could promise was a life well lived, should you choose it. All we could promise was that the above and below, the within and without, should be reflections of each other. Have you pared down enough to sense this, at long last?

The works of magick, of the unfolding spool of life and time, are so simple that it takes years of complex learning to uncover abiding truths: There is a center. A circumference. A host of multiplicity in between. If you approach truth by running after it, you will soon find that you end up running away. Sit down. Take a breath. Remember.

Whom do you love? What do you love? What is included in the answers? What are we still desperate to exclude?

Blessed be your life, your work, your love.

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