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Ordinary and Amazing


Yes, we are ordinary. Life is simply as it is, and stories seem exciting simply because excitement engages our emotions and draws us in. Storytellers take the ordinary and make it seem unusual because they have the ability to see things in a new light. They are curious about life in all its permutations. What will it take to make us curious about our own lives?

Curiosity is the antidote to boredom, the antidote to ennui, the antidote to feeling stuck in a rut. What will it take for you to look upon your life with fresh eyes? First of all, it takes the wish to do so, then a commitment to try. If we are not willing to do this, we will keep casting about … or numbing…

Don’t you feel it in your life? You must. There is a sense that there is something you are supposed to be living, breathing, experiencing, singing, telling, dancing. There is beauty in the world – are you aware of it? Are you contributing? Those who feel that life is drab or uneventful can wake up to the deeper reality that miracles are occurring in each second. Part of the miraculous is you. 

The ordinary is spectacular. The toothbrush waiting for the mouth. The window ready for opening. The laughter waiting to bubble to the surface. The cleansing of our tears. Even melancholy is a blessing, for it means we are alive! Can you feel it, even for this second? Can you feel the excitement of being human, in this place and time, filled with possibility? What are you waiting for? No one will activate the possible but you. You are the necessary ingredient for the magic of today. Wake up to your own self. Shut the doors of cynicism. Open to that which entices, that which calls, that which is gorgeous, or horrible, that which cuts to the quick, and that which burns like fire.

This is part of a larger work on daring and desire.

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