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Opening the Door for Lugh

Lugh strike your spear in a shaft of sunlight, You who carry the gifts of all, Lugh, strike your spear in a shaft of sunlight, We heed your knocking, we open the door…

Lugh strike your spear in a shaft of sunlight, You, the lover, come to the feast! Lugh, strike your spear in a shaft of sunlight, Radiant beauty, sit by our hearth.

This weekend, I will be off in the woods with Druids, but conversations with spiritual direction clients this past week have me thinking of Lugh, whom this upcoming holiday is often named for: Lughnasad. I’m thinking of all the gifts he brought to bear in the world, and his solid ownership of these. Stories tell us that Lugh knocked on the door of the great feast at Tara and was refused entry, over and over, for skill after skill – they already had a smith, a poet, a warrior, a person who did this thing or that, so they had no need of Lugh – until finally he said, “But do you have someone who can do all of these?” The answer was no. The door was opened.

This story is multivalent, and woven into these meanings, it carries some messages of a personal nature: first of all, what is knocking at the door, wanting entry and a place at our hearth? What are we refusing to see, to speak with, to welcome? Second, when was the last time we really took stock of our attributes, our skills, our gifts, the qualities that draw others to us, and the things that help us live our lives well? Third, what keeps us going when others might give up?

It is easy to get caught up in what seems wrong with ourselves, so perhaps it is time to take stock of what we bring to the party. Let us honor our brother Lugh, who never gave up despite the hardships he faced. Let us honor him by standing with pride and stating, “I am all of these things and more. I am the Bright One. Let me in. I deserve a place at the table”

Let us open the door and welcome ourselves – all of our selves – home.

[Spear of Lugh by Carey Moore can be purchased here. Lyrics are from “Lugh’s Song” from my first CD “Face of a New Day” currently out of print, but which will be available for digital download soon!]

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