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On Retreat


I’m going on a social media fast until August 1st. I’m hying off to New Mexico for a retreat with the fabulous Jen Louden  to do yoga, eat good food, and write, write, write. It is my intention to finish my new book which is due at the publishers early next month.

During my absence I leave you with some current favorite links: 

Jen Louden’s latest, on the creative process and not skipping steps.

Mr. DaveyD writes interesting articles on social justice, music, and black culture. I recommend following him on Twitter if you don’t already. Just ignore the tweets about basketball. I do.

Karen Walrond, aka Chookooloonks, takes lovely photos and often writes poignant things. Her latest piece is on race: Check it out.

Bindu Wiles is a photographer who writes from a Buddhist perspective.

Daughters of Eve often has some of the best Pagan writing on the web.

You already read The Wild Hunt. Right?

Here’s a gift of a breathwork technique from Coach Scott Sonnon.

Maria Popova curates some of the most interesting stuff on the web.

Did you know the Parliament of the Worlds Religions has an active and varied blog?

Here’s a depressingly informative article on climate change via Bill Moyers.

Did you know that Alan Turing believed in telepathy? Here’s an article on science and the paranormal.

ZenHabits author Leo Babauta often writes on simple ways to bring our lives to a more centered place.

The thoughtful Teo Bishop speaks to tragedy and prayer.

Also over at Patheos is my latest article, this time on accountability and kindness: Sacred Bodies, Sacred Earth.

And if you haven’t yet seen my videos on Paradigm Shift and Integration, please check out my youtube channel.

I’ll see you all again at Lammas. Blessed be your life, work, rest, joy, creativity, and love!

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