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Message of the Dei

pic by Kevin Rosseel

From my Tuesday morning meditation:

Remember why you live your life. Remember the sources of your power. You are not alone. You are not cut off from the flow of beauty, no matter where you are, regardless of your condition. Life teems everywhere, sometimes so much it is out of balance, true. Bring your breathing into balance. Bring your heart into balance. Bring your will into balance. In this moment. Now. How will you translate care into this world? How will you move in strength? These things are not a metaphor: it is time to treat your spiritual concepts as real, and learn to do them! Enact them every moment, every day. Your enemies are not who you think they are. Face your foes as teachers, and as friends. We are all, indeed, in this together.

I wish you health. I wish you strength. I wish you joy. Return to the source within.

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