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Set aside your worries, heartfelt pain, and agitation… At least for this one moment, look outside! Politics and personal disaster will still be here when you return. Breathe deep. What do you see?

Today, I see green tipped leaves of fig, battling finches, and warming sun. Clouds scatter across blue sky and the crows call to one another. Wasp flies by. My body, warm with movement, stands tall in appreciation of these things.

Ritual is an orientation to the cosmos. We begin here, with the ritual of body, and of earth, and of our placement near the sun. The simple things, the small things, show our reach into the vastness. We call upon our selves, our Gods, our love. We call again, to Life!

Tiphareth is all around us. Beauty abides, even in the midst of war. We are the gold we seek.

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