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Mars Direct | The Holy Fire

Fire in our hearts, Fire in our minds, Fire burning at the core, Keep us on our way!

We call the Holy Fire, dwell in us and inspire! – Desert Chant

Some days you need to listen to the sound of your own voice speaking the words you wish to hear. Some days you need to live as though you mattered. Some days you must remember who you are. Some days you must choose to act as though you were not afraid.

Following the course of desire is not always easy, but even when one flounders and grows weary, or loses sight… there is another thing that pulls us on, that keeps us from complete collapse. There is still some knowing, even in the idle fantasies of escaping destiny: we do not really want to. We want to stoke the inner fire that is the lamp that shows the way.

Will we call the Holy Fire? Will we accept the power of our own illumination? Will we wrestle with the love present in our darkness, and turn struggle to embrace? There is no light or darkness within eternal now. There is simply this: the great dance of unfolding.

This first week of spring, of tricking death once more, what will we allow to rest and what will leap forth, carrying new light, and a fresh vision? There are people walking in the desert right now, I join them tomorrow, to walk with the Holy Fire. I will speak the Holy Names of Justice, Peace, and Restoration of Harmony. I will speak in my mind the Holy Names written only on my heart. What names will you call? Will you recognize them as your own?

Peace and Power be with you. Even in strife, all manner of things are well.

LVX amor, NOX amor – Thorn

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