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Making (Altar) Time

Do the Gods come to you, do they whisper in your ears, “Stay strong!”

Do the Gods come to you, do they whisper in your ears, “You can do this!”

Do the Gods come to you, do they whisper in your ears, “You are beautiful!”

Do the Gods come to you, do they whisper in your ears?

Something does. Gods. Goddesses. Spirit. Your own soul. Something whispers. Are you there to hear it? Are you making time? Or are you caught up in your busyness? Are you sunk in apathy? Curled in fear? Racing the clock?

We must. Make. Space. We must. Take. Time. We must. Remember. Soften. Open.

We must listen.

Then we must engage. Set our intention. Move toward action.

Without time at the altar or the meditation bench, without space listening to the ancestors, or Goddesses, without centering within ourselves…we can become automatons. We lose ourselves and are bewildered by the world.

There is a lot of pain and anger in the world. There are many things to fight for, and much to grieve. The altar gives us the ability to return to our core values. The altar gives us a place to remember meaning. The altar allows us time. We need some precious time.

Cultivating spaciousness means we can set clear intentions and make better choices about how to act. Cultivating openness means we remain curious about all things we do not know, rather than frustrated by not knowing the right way or the right thing.

Cultivating presence means our relationship to everything – inside and out – comes closer to continuous flow. My molecules meet yours while barely trying. And the cosmos says: “I am with you. I see you. I hold you. I will help you strengthen, and grow.”

Today, take a breath with me. Today, open to your heart. Today, clean out your inner ears and listen.*

We are full of wonder:

“Wonder” by Emeli Sande and Naughty Boy


*If you would like support with this process, I offer soul readings and also currently have space for a few new spiritual direction clients. This work is tailored to your particular soul needs at this time. It is up to you…

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