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Love > Fear

This morning I dreamed that the phrase Love > Fear was tattooed on the back of my neck. It was tattooed over my heart. It was tattooed on many of us, in different places on our bodies. It was set there as a reminder.

I want to remember. I want us to remember.

People are so afraid: How will I pay the rent? Will our daughter make it home from war? How will we get through this next crisis? Will the planet hold up under these climate shifts? Will my son make it home from school today? What if I die alone and unloved? What if the Gods aren’t real?

Love is greater than our fears. All of them. Even the very real fears. Even the imagined fears. Love is greater.

Love is the expander, the enfolder, the comforter, and the enlivener. Love helps us to stand up for the struggle. Love helps us to ask for what we need. Love opens us to compassion.

We can feel with one another.

We will make it through. We will sit with the trees and walk for the water. We will paint our buildings and our bodies. We will dance to music wild and sublime. We will laugh. We will weep. We will be.

We have the capacity to love.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Expand.

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