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Love: a Rant

How much are you willing to love? yourself. the world. each other.

We are at another tipping point in time. We are coming upon a juncture where only love will serve us. These are not namby-pamby words. These are words of power. Love is a powerful force, founded in strength. Love can, and does, and will, change our world(s).

I am angry about injustice and oppression and devastation and greed and war. I am angry through and with the power of love. I see your faces, and your bodies, and your beaches, and your trees and sky and want to shout “I love you!” over and over and over. I see you weary, and wary, and dejected, and defiled. I see you trapped within self loathing or systems of abandonment and greed. I see you slick with black oil or brown with fumes, or gasping for air, or bewildered by noise, or white with fear. I see you. And I see we have to change.

What will we do, each one of us, today? We have it in us, surely as this earth rotates around the sun. We have it in us, surely as a child knows laughter. We have it in us, surely as the waves reach ever for the shore.

I don’t know you, but today? Today, I love you. Will you join me? Will you share with me, and with us all, one action you will take to bring the world back into love?

(Love yourselves. Love the cosmos. Love this world.)

Pass it on.

[written on an airplane Friday eve, somewhere between Chicago and San Francisco]

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