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Looking Up


I was out last night at midnight and noticed that the sky ahead of me was a strange and lovely shade of blue. “Is that from the moon?” I asked, and looked up. Indeed it was. Clouds had shifted the usual full moon brightness to this velvet hue, and yet, around the moon itself, there were no clouds. A giant ring of cloud and light surrounded the orb, and Jupiter was just off the western edge, misty yet still bright.

I kept looking up. Over and over. What an amazing sight.

Sometimes it is not the thing itself that causes us to pay attention, but the effect that thing has upon everything around it. Our lives send out ripples of light. These interact with atmosphere, causing the night sky to change a strange hue. Someone may notice that the source of that change is us. Someone else – including ourselves – may not. But affect the world we have.

We may notice fear, or pain, or wonder, or excitement, but not the source. We so easily forget the stacking layers of influence. We also forget to look up. Or under. Or around.

The effects are not always that clear to see, but they are present, just like a ring around the moon.

What causes you to pay attention? What causes you to pause in wonder? What reminds you, that you too are sometimes the moon in a misty night sky? What affects you? What effect do you have?

Will you look up?

Not exactly what I saw in California, but close enough! Photo of last night’s moon in Wales by Helen of Bohemian Buzz.

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