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Listening to the Wind

In the night – asleep after drawing in the light of the glorious full moon- I was awakened by wind buffeting the trees around the house. It went on and on. I dozed and woke, dozed and woke. Finally, in the early hours of the morning, the wind grew so powerful, my bedroom door opened of its own accord, despite all the windows in the house being closed. That is how strong the wind blew.

We need better caulking around the window frames, you say? More insulation underneath the floors? That is part of the message, indeed. We can use more protection to seal our home. And yet, that is not the only message I take from this event. I’m also aware that I want to be present to the winds that move through my life, the winds of change and possibility, the winds that will clear my mind, and wake me up, asking me to “pay attention!”

This morning, crows fly in the clear blue sky, and the bare branches of the sycamores rise to meet them. I wonder what is coming in the cold. I ask to remain open to the lessons of the day.

These times, these times, these times… All hands on deck, whether becalmed, or sailing smooth, or buffeted by storms. We need to learn to steer, guided by our inner stars, listening to the power of the wind.

Blessed be.

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