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Listening to Rain

The rain asks questions that only my soul knows answers to. The mind is not soft enough to comprehend this opening. When I open to the rain, there is a lightness that occurs in solar plexus, and a gentle expansive waving of connection all around my form. The form opens to that which has no boundary but that of association. The water is in motion. So am I. And in this motion, something in me feels quite still. This stillness does not come from pointed focus, but from a diffuse sort of grace. I am alive, and it is raining. Flowers rejoice.

Sometimes we try too hard, we force the issue, the body, the mind, the situation. When we allow ourselves to open, to soften, to come into awareness, things arise we never saw before, and information comes that the front of the brain simply cannot access on its own. Where are the deep pools of wisdom within? Can you allow the rest of you to open to them? Can you soften just enough to become strong? Be not afraid. You are beautiful. All things flow in time.

When one is with this water, there is not need for cultivating patience and attention. We simply…are.

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