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The darkness is our teacher. The fertile earth is our Mother and friend. Things gestate, sleep, and then grow…

What will you create in the coming year? Will you let the darkness rise up to support you, and draw down the light to meet the earth? Will you commit to blazing like a sun, or warming your surroundings like the fire lighted on a hearth, or shining the way for another with one bright candle burning? How will you manifest your dreams and your desires?

Open your feet to the powers beneath you. Open your crown to the powers above. Feel the rising and descent. Feel where these things meet, within your belly and your heart. You are becoming, you are shaping, you are more. Bring the light. Glow with the certainty that rises from your sorrow, your pain, your anger, bewilderment, and fear. There is something fine being made within you. You have the power of change. Bring the light. It glows from your eyes, it spins out from your fingertips, you are fashioning a world that only comes through you. Bring the light. Let it meet your heart’s desire.

What is your deepest wish? Speak it to the cosmos. Whisper it into the ear of the earth. Know it in your heart. Bring the light. Let all that is within you rise like music from your soul, lifting, stretching, wafting like a song upon the air.

Bring the light. Draw it down. In calling the light closer, our lives become illuminated and illuminating. Liberation is nigh.

We can make a new world.

[Inspiration for this post came partially from the new Covenant song, Lightbringer to be released in the US January 13th. Or you can buy it on iTunes, like I did.]

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