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Let There Be Light!

I call myself a Magic Worker. For me, this includes not only the magic of the slow inner alchemy of self-transformation and alignment of my will with the Cosmos, what we call Sacred, and with holy Nature, but the magic of helping others find their center, a way to come into the fullness of themselves, and make their own magic in the world. My experience is that this process not only helps us as individuals, it enables us to help each other, to work creatively, to be good parents, activists, inspirers and change makers.

For years, I’ve felt the push to find a way to make this work available to more people, but given the constraints of physical space and time, had yet to come up with a way that felt more direct than journal entries, Twitter, podcasts and publishing books for those who couldn’t see me in person. Finally, the idea of a video series was born.

I’m going to share the press release with you below, and hope that, if you’ve gotten something out of my work over the years, you will help support this new magical venture by passing it along:

Do you dare to challenge your own thoughts about magick, belief, and spirit? Join author and mentor T. Thorn Coyle for Fiat LVX!, a bi-monthly video series designed to inspire deep thinking, explore different magickal concepts and teachings, and cultivate a deeper spiritual practice. For a $20 monthly membership fee, you will have access to two professionally produced videos each month. The first installment will examine a different spiritual idea as it directly relates to our lives; the second video will guide you through the steps of putting that concept into direct experience. A forum led by Morningstar Mentors and Thorn will enable you to ask questions, delve into your experience with other participants, and hopefully inspire us all to keep practicing! Twice monthly practice prompts will support and further the work.

Topics include: Becoming the priestess, able to mediate the space between the Twin Pillars of yes and no, push and pull, light and dark. The power of Integrative Magick that enables us to bring all parts of life to bear on our great work. Aligning the parts of our soul, connecting our animal, human, and divine natures. The series will grow and expand over time, facilitating our own growth and expansion. Ready to be challenged? Click here for more information. Fiat LVX! is available by membership only. All proceeds above production costs go to support the projects of Solar Cross Temple: Pagan elder care, environmental education, podcasts, teaching and spiritual direction for low-income persons, and prison ministry. Solar Cross is a non-profit spiritual organization.

The first few hundred registrations will get a fabulous Fiat LVX! patch to rock on your winter coats, messenger bags, and party frocks.

Thank you for being with me on this journey. May your work be blessed. May your work be a blessing.

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