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Intentional Magic


Every moment can become an act of magic.

What is your intention? What are you hoping to convey to the world? Do you have a mission or a mantra?

I wish to live and act in integrity, as centered and whole as possible. Though I have other missions on top of that, striving for integrity is at the core. This makes it easy to recognize when I’m off kilter, and not acting or speaking according to my intention.

If a group, temple, non-profit, or business doesn’t have an intention, it makes it far more difficult for the collective to do its best work in the world. But what about us? Whether our job description is parent, teacher, healer, administrative assistant, carpenter, gardener, or software designer, we are all well served by knowing our overall life’s intention.

When we have an overall intention, mission, or mantra, setting our daily intentions becomes easier, because we know what the baseline for that intention is. This is what makes magic effective. If I have an intention for this particular project I’m working on, but don’t have a personal base intention to start from, what in me is meeting the project? If my group has planned a ritual for the upcoming equinox, but I don’t know how my personal intention marries with the group, the ritual has less of a chance of feeling successful for everyone who participates.

Sometimes we need to reassess our intentions and make sure they still match the lives we want to live. As we move from winter into spring, it is a good time to look at where we are heading, what our desires are, and what things we wish to grow. A strong core intention helps us steer in the most open direction, or plant the proper seeds. We may not know exactly where we’ll end up, or what the fruits will be, but with a strong intention, we’ll have good guidance along the way.

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