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Grace. Joy. Precision. Power. (part one)

One facet of life, magick, and courting desire that is very important is that of full engagement. When we do things half-heartedly, they never gather the momentum that brings about joy and the feelings of success. Why do we do things half-heartedly? Either we don’t fully understand how these things support our larger goals, or we are afraid of making a commitment to something we will fail at anyway. Either of these attitudes can keep us from our larger wishes.

I currently have a wish to monitor my energy levels so they are more consistent throughout the day, because there are many projects I want to get done, plus I want to feel vital and be healthy. As a consequence, I’ve made two changes in my morning routine. Now, changing morning routines can feel really difficult, but in the past, I’ve found that if I don’t change my morning routine, nothing throughout the day changes. The morning sets the template – energetically and attitudinally – for the rest of the day. So I have begun doing two things my personality would tell you I hate: yoga and eating breakfast.

At first, I had to struggle to get myself to start the simple yoga routine I’ve set for myself. It’s nothing fancy – just a series of sun salutations before meditation. There were mornings within the first week that I just did not want to do this. I really wanted a cup of tea, and then meditation. But I know that this is part of an old pattern, and if I my choice was to establish a new pattern, into it I must go. So every day, I put some powdered grasses and protein into 22oz of water, shake it up and drink it. Then it is onto the yoga mat. Even though I did not want to do this, I did. The result is that now, only a couple of weeks into the new routine, my body wants the yoga and I’m doing it more thoroughly, with greater engagement, and for a longer period. I can feel the energy moving right away, my body is waking up more quickly, and is opening into the yoga poses and breathing with greater facility. My body has also gotten used to eating breakfast. Again, something simple after the yoga and meditation: oatmeal and a bit of almond butter, or some stir fried pre-cooked lentils and pre-washed spinach, or an egg. No big deal, right? Well, it is a big deal for me. This is completely against the routine I’ve had in the past of most often not eating until I’d been up for a few hours, and yet, I knew I not only wanted but needed to make these changes or there was no way to have the energy to get my work done, work that I really want to manifest.

And it’s working. Lo and behold, doing some yoga and eating breakfast have already turned my life around in under two weeks. Energetically, and therefore project-wise, I’m kicking ass. All it took was making a decision, showing up for that first week when I did not want to, and reminding myself of my commitment. I don’t even get the afternoon slump anymore, because my body is falling into a better eating pattern throughout the day as a result of the new morning routine.

This is all prosaic, but the prosaic is where the sublime starts. If magic is the art of changing consciousness at will, I’ve just done some magic here: fully engaging, step by step, in the service of larger intention. That is something all of us can do. It is part of our divine work. I’ve got a great story about this from a friend of mine – which is where the Grace, Joy, Precision and Power really come in – but I’ll save it for tomorrow.

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