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Gathering Time


What is gathering outside your windows? Can you feel it? Can you taste the air?

What is coiling deep inside you? Can you feel it? Do you wish to dare?

What is outside calls to or resists what is within, what is within does the same with that outside. Resistance or longing, it almost doesn’t matter, except to our comfort levels. It is all energy. It all meets at the edges of our consciousness and skin. We can center. We can open. We can be present to change.

The dice cup rattles, the carved bones bounce on the table. What is revealed? Something simple: a great cosmic opening of which we are one part. Sometimes the risk is in the waiting. Sometimes we need to move. This morning I sang to the ancestors and danced for the descendants. The floor was cold under my bare feet. The runes showed me this moment, under candlelight, before the sun slowly filtered through the gray.

What is my task this moment? I am instructed to go about my work while continuing to court silence and more careful listening. Some of you? Perhaps you need bold movement and big change.

What do you think? What do you feel? What are you being called to do (or not do) in this time when the veils between things are thinning?

Time and season shift. Will you share your wisdom around my small fire? What is your story of this time? What is your purpose in this now?

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