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Every Man and Every Woman (Births a Star)

There is something in you so fine, so beautiful, and so rare. Do you sense it, coiling within you? Can you see it, reflected in your eyes as you look into the mirror upon awakening? It is there. Under the tousled hair, and just above the swollen bags beneath those eyes, there is a glint, a shimmer, a spark.

We need you. We need you to sit and breathe and open to the silence of your soul. We need you to sink into the silence so you may rise into the song. Yes. That song: The song only your soul can sing.

Sshhhh…. Listen.

Can you hear it now?

Nothing can be born without first opening to silence. Sink onto the bench, or the prayer rug. Light the candles on your altar. Settle your attention in your belly. Let the tip of tongue rise up to meet your palate. Close your eyes and breathe.

#meditation #silence #star

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