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Equinox: Sowing Hope in Troubled Times

These are not times that sit easy.

At its 10th anniversary, the Iraq war rises to remind us what a hideous, unconscionable, brutal waste it was and still is. Then there is the Steubenville trial and the vast evidence — finally being spoken at large — of rape culture and its effects upon us all… Cyprus and the European Union and all our economies which are Not. Getting. Better. Another black teen killed by police… I could point to many things that are making us uneasy. But really, things are often just this way.

In the northern hemisphere, Spring is here. It is a season of in between: is it raining, or snowing, or sunny? The light is changing and our bodies feel that, animals that we are. We are stretching toward the sun.

Today is equinox, when night and day are balanced. Light and darkness are present in equal measure. What about inside our hearts and souls? What about our thoughts? In the midst of pain and sorrow, do we harbor hope and joy?

It is imperative that we do so. The first lettuces are growing in my garden. Somewhere, one person is helping another. A chimpanzee gazes at blue sky. A painter is painting. A singer sings. A tree is rooting deep and standing tall. People stand together for justice, saying, “We will not leave you in your pain alone!”

We recognize connection. We are each part of this changing world.

What is something that inspires you? What is a story that made you smile this week? What are your hopes in this time of equinox? Please share them with us. Please pass them on.

By sharing our stories, we weave a spell of hope together. Let us plant something. Let us hatch a plan of love.

We may as well.

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