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Equinox: Light + Dark = Us

The light needs the darkness. The darkness needs the light. Otherwise we would never clearly see.

The world feels out of balance today, this time of Spring Equinox, when the clouds go scudding across the sky, and my body moves into the pose of tree, one foot firmly planted beneath, arms reaching as far up, palms pressed together, as they can. Aligned with the magnetic poles of earth, my body stretches to full length and I watch the rain. And watch my breath. And settle toward a place inside that’s still.

We are again at war, and still, and planning war. People, oceans, animals, and sky are once again polluted and in pain. And once again, green buds grace arms of trees. And once again, day balances the night.

Do not forget that these are only cycles. Do not forget that cycles are what we are. Part of some great, earthy, numinous waltzing are our lives, the lives of earth, the lives of stars.

This Equinox, I wish you joy in the midst of your pain. I wish you grace in the midst of your anger. I wish you hope in the midst of your worry. I wish you love in the midst of your fear.

We have each other. And together, we can help to hold this earth.

(for a meditation on light and dark from architect Rogier van der Heide, watch this.)

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