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Declaration of Interdependence


We, in order to create a more perfect union, declare our strength and beauty as individuals and our love and compassion for the whole. We acknowledge that the turtle and the sparrow, the carrot and the kale, the sandy ocean and distant stars are all our family. We pledge to love one another to the best of our abilities. We will cease to be at constant war and will learn to solve our disagreements amongst individuals and in small communities, not allowing them to spill over, affecting masses of beings. We will not pour toxins into the oceans, earth, and sky. We will cherish one another. We, in order to create a more perfect union, do claim our interdependence with every particle that exists. We pledge to dance on a regular basis, and to sing. 

Yesterday morning I dreamt that I was leading groups of people in song. We were gathered for some sort of mass meeting on some crisis. We were going to listen to speakers, and talk ourselves, to try to figure out what could be done. The singing started from far away, but those near me could not hear it well, so I tried to pass it along. It was barely in my range, so I could not sing it well, but persevered in trying to teach it to those around me. At first they did not understand what I was doing. Finally I said, “Sing!” and they began, voices rising slowly together, then growing stronger and louder. Finally, full choral arrangements rose upon the air and the song spread further, everyone rising to their feet to face the sun and sing. The harmonies rose and fell, as though orchestrated, as though everyone knew his part and her exact note. My singing of the song improved, as I found my place amongst the swelling music.

Together, we sang: “We are unstoppable.”

Upon awakening, I recorded the song so as to not lose the tune. As my brain slowly ticked over, I realized the importance of the song being just outside my comfort zone. I had to sing it anyway, even though my rendition was not perfect. I had to let others find their best way to sing, and then could find mine. We only made the glorious music when we all rose up, together, and found the harmony best suited to our voices, and found the way to weave the song into a whole. 

Awake, I began to write the Declaration of Interdependence.

Today, I declare this: I will not be at war with you. I’m holding out my hand.

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