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Come to Your Success!

Message from Thursday, written while 30,000 feet in the air:

What are you waiting for? What is the hesitation that causes you to put your life – your love, your desires and dreams, your very strength – on hold?

The Gods are calling out to you. Your work is worth the very speaking of their holy Names. Who are you to deny their wish to meet you? And by meeting I mean not introductions, but the standing of two powers, face to face. You are glorious in your beauty. Do you comprehend? Listen now to the music that stirs you into action. No one else can take your place.

The land spirits enjoin you to step forward. The creatures of air and sea and flame now do the same. Your name is whispered in the caverns and the trees. They know your part. They have been waiting. Sometimes it seems they have been waiting all too long.

I know sometimes you feel afraid, and other times uncertain. It is as though you have been wandering in a mist of emotion and time. Are you not sick of this? What puts the fire inside your belly and lights up the lanterns of your heart and mind? Seek out these things, rather than always succumbing to the malaise that numbs you back to smallness. I am more afraid now of what will happen if you fail to act than of what might happen if you do. This is the risk worth taking. If you are going to feel frightened, feel frightened of this: you might die without fulfilling your purpose. You could have made the lives of all the beings around you better by smiling, by dancing, by writing, by planting, by speaking up or holding out your arms. You might have done the things that would have made a difference to the soul and courage of a child, or given comfort to someone in pain, or spoken the harsh, ringing truth that might have been the very thing that turned the tide of apathy, hubris and destruction to one of creativity and love. Yes. Let us be afraid of this far more than fearing the risk of taking up our tasks of becoming fully who we are. Destiny is not the preordination of your wyrd. Destiny, rather, is the place where your courage meets your calling, and you open to the flowing of the current of your life.

You, my friends, are the Children of Promise. Get up. Take on the mantle of your destiny and rise.

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