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Claim Your Crown

a crown with an ouroboros, flame, and heart on the pointed spikes.
Sacred Crown designed by Karen Bruhin and Ivo Dominguez Jr.

You who long for change, what are you seeking?

Never doubt the power of the night.

Obscure though colors be, your senses heighten.

Gift years slow tumbling with inner light.

Time’s hush. Time’s stretch. Time’s song.

Trust in the birds, to fresh skies yonder winging.

Listen for the beetles scurrying low.

Prick your ears for wind, and rain—what’s coming?

As you light the gentle fire to boil your tea.

Time’s hush. Time’s stretch. Time’s song.

All is ordinary here, and all distinctive.

Every moment’s breath, now seen anew.

Your life, never mundane, is ever sacred.

What you do, and think, and feel, weighs consequent.

Time’s hush. Time’s stretch. Time’s song.

If you do choose, this present now unfolding

Allow your heart to lift and strike a note.

The rhythm of your pulse echoes the spinning

Of every star, each planet…

Claim your crown.

T. Thorn Coyle

October 2010/April 2023


This poem was made possible by the generosity of my Patreon supporters.

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